Cycle Works Oregon


It means a city bike that lives up to the standards of a racing bike. It means fabricated by hands and built up by hands with the best components: PAUL, KING, BROOKS, NITTO, HONJO. It means attention to detail. It means Lugged Steel, handbuilt and all in Oregon, USA.
It means art & beauty. It means small batch production. It means access and accessible timelines.

It means builders who ride and riders who build. It means the French Constructeur era brought forward. It means the values
of a well-designed bicycle. It means trust.
It means future. It means partnership, collaboration, experimentation & respect.

It means machine shop. It means design shop. It means built by years of a love & understanding of everyday riding, all kinds of riding. It means if the bike itself isn’t excellent nothing else can be. It means bicycles & framesets that beg a smile. Is it the lifetime that inspires the bicycle or the other way round?

It means Beloved.
Conceived by Cycle Works Oregon.
Built by Hands.